Waterside Bike Trails


Biking is a popular Waterside pastime for good reason. Towns are full of bike trails for both the whole family and experienced riders. Here are some highlights to pedal through this summer.

Surrey, home to Crescent Beach, is an amazing place to bike. Download the “My Surrey” app for the latest bike route updates. Riding from Crescent Beach to White Rock or vice-versa for lunch will be sure to build up your appetite.

Birch Bay State Park is a great place to bike along the water front. Bike into town and stop at the C shop. Take a break from the ride for a swim or a brief clam dig. Birch Bay State Park is full of activities for the whole family. For more information, go to parks.state.wa.us/170/Birch-Bay.

South Bay Trail stretches from downtown Bellingham through beautiful Boulevard Park, across the Taylor Dock and into Fairhaven. It is a veritable tour of the beauty of Bellingham and Fairhaven. It is a family friendly ride lending itself to breaks for park time and light shopping. You will also begin and end in centers full of eateries, shops and activities for the whole family. For a map of this trail, visit cob.org/documents/parks/parks-trails/trail-guide/south_bay.pdf.

The Lake Padden loop is a popular bike route in Bellingham. The trails are often full of hikers, bikers and dogs enjoying the lake. This trail will take you on a leisurely journey around Lake Padden. Bring kayaks or rent a paddleboard as a welcome change of pace after a fun ride around the lake. This trail is definitely doable for any children who might be in tow, and the landscape makes for natural break times to enjoy the view of the woods and water. For a map of this trail, visit cob.org/documents/parks/parks-trails/trail-guide/lake_padden.pdf.

The trails in Little Mountain Park in Mount Vernon are 6.5 miles of biking trails and 1.4 miles of road that will prove a faster and smoother ride up the hill. This is a good place to introduce yourself to mountain biking, as the trails are best suited for beginner to intermediate riders. For more information, go to mountvernonchamber.com/visitors/play/biking.

Olympic Discover Trail East in Port Townsend is a waterfront trail you won’t regret cruising on. The trailhead is a waterfront experience that will lead you into a 7.3-mile trail through trees and natural beauty, which runs parallel at times to State Route 20. More information can be found at olympicdiscoverytrail.org.

For a more challenging island ride, try Mount Constitution on Orcas Island. It will prove both exhausting and well worth the view. Mount Constitution is the highest point in the San Juan Islands. At the crest you will find a stone tower replica of a 12th century Russian watchtower. From the tower, the 360-degree view is extraordinary. For more information, visit moranstatepark.com/mount-constitution.